A teaching series through the Gospels!

Are you looking for something to teach on Wednesday night or for adult Sunday School?

What about being able to craft better sermons? Do you run short of ideas or run out of time to study?

How would you like to free up your time to invest in the souls and teams you need to be focused on while being able to preach and teach better than before?

The too-busy preacher does not realize he is giving the same sermon every week. He lacks illustrations. He lacks continuity. He is so busy he does not have time to study and do outreach and everything else. His “inspired” messages are not giving the people depth. The people are not being fed.
The need for a sermon becomes a tragic awareness every Saturday night. He tries to grab sermons from a variety of disjointed sources. People sense the dis-continuity. 
No longer do you need to panic. Now, you have something to say that will be meaningful, practical, and in tune with what the Spirit would have you say.

End that panicky feeling of standing before the crowd unprepared.

Begin a series that does more than just give you “something” to teach. Be strategic. Revitalize believers with this series that brings Spiritual continuity to the congregation! Follow the life of Jesus to help your audience make sense of our broken world. 

Biblically strong and practical, DiscipleMaker comes from an apostolic, Pentecostal perspective (the only correct one, of course).

Usually preachers take only snippets from the gospels, selecting only what stands out to them. Did you realize there are hordes of treasures buried in the gospels if you will just go deliberately through everything Jesus taught and said?

Rather than hurry through the gospels in just a few weeks, take time with your disciples like Jesus did with His. Develop Christ in them by diligently teaching Jesus Christ and Him crucified for the next year. You will be amazed at the end!

Story by story, event by event, you will take your students through the teachings, miracles, and experiences of Jesus. There is no better way to make disciples than to let them meet the Master for themselves. 

Why DiscipleMaker?

You know we are supposed to make disciples. Yet few know the meaning of the word “disciple.” Discover and teach how Jesus defines a disciple! (You will be surprised)

You know we are supposed to share the gospel. Yet few grasp the whole of the gospel. It takes four books of the Bible to show what the gospel is. Too many have settled for only a quick summary.

With DiscipleMaker, you will find true disciples developing as you lead the church in an eye-opening journey with Jesus. This will be different than just an ordinary Bible study. It will be different than ordinary Sunday School. Rather than lecturing on dry, dusty details, engage in an experience so deep you will feel like you are there with Jesus on the hillsides and in the boat. Better yet, He will go home with your learners as they begin living out the experience of discipleship.

You only have so much time

Your week is busy—overloaded in fact. Many ministers do not have time to “get it all done.” One of the most important things you can do is teach the Word of God. Too often, most ministers' study time gets crowded out.

You cannot do it all yourself. To feed your family, do you grow the grain, harvest it, thresh it, winnow it, grind it, bake it into bread, and slice it all yourself? Of course not, but this is what many preachers try to do with teaching. When it comes to serving the bread of the Word, the church needs you to serve it warm and fresh. They do not need you to exhaust yourself in every aspect of its preparation.

You should not have to reinvent the wheel every time you teach. Why take the time to do what has already been done? Rather than unearth every detail each time you teach, you now have a tool to help you with delivery.

Make better use of your time

You are busy visiting the sick, meeting leaders, organizing teams, praying for members, and teaching newcomers. Let DiscipleMaker do the time-consuming work of lesson preparation for you. Come to the "table" with a thorough, balanced, and practical lesson each week to both equip and motivate the listeners to go make disciples.

Included in each lesson are are a handful of tips to help you win with a distracted generation. These secrets alone could make the lesson. It is what most people—even the ones who spend hours studying—usually miss, but these tips make the message stick!

Emerge from your office (or from your easy chair) with a complete message filled with illustrations, fill-in-the-blank handouts, an on-screen presentation, and a daily guide to keep people studying the Bible all week.

What would that be worth to you to see church members growing in the Lord daily? Think about it.

Each lesson includes


  • PowerPoint files
  • Video content
  • Object lessons
  • Interactive presentations 
  • Handouts (fill in the blank)
  • Teaching notes 
  • Daily journal/study guide for student


  • Visual engagement of audience
  • Modern and relevant information
  • Help the big idea stick!
  • Multisensory and memorable
  • Listeners have references to study later
  • No need to do work that is already done for you
  • Watch members grow daily as they apply God’s Word!

You will grow in this process!

Discover the secrets of Jesus and how He got people to remember His messages. Use these skills yourself.  Free up your time to focus on counseling, planning, or outreach. Invest your time in the areas of your ministry strengths as DiscipleMaker comes alongside you in empowering your teaching and preaching.

These are not rehashed lessons you have heard a hundred times. This is fresh content that will give you new insights into the life of Christ. Your church will grow from this (so will you). Filled with investigative research into the life and times of your Messiah, you will learn new facts and find deep application from even the confusing sayings of Jesus.

Many times topical sermons and random, short series leave a church with no sense of continuity. You will discover something new for most churches when you launch into DiscipleMaker: continuous momentum. Rather than hoping for just an emotional response, you will watch believers step into the progressive levels of insight, application, and challenge the Gospel Story provides.

Reach all age groups

Got millennials? This series speaks their cultural language. Youth pastors will find this connects with their students naturally. Jesus’s teaching style was much like what we call post-modern today. He knew how to reach people where they were, to bring them to where they needed to be.
Got children in your audience when you will be teaching this? We have thought of that! Included in each lesson are activities and interactions that will leave even the youngsters talking about what they learned from Jesus that day!
What about old-timers and seasoned saints? Will this work for them as well? Your older, established believers will love it. Even those who have served the Lord for decades become energized by the principles they get out of this series. They not only have motivation, but they have depth to draw on.
Teach this to new converts! Watch saints at all levels of experience come alive throughout the DiscipleMaker series. There is nothing more powerful than excited believers who have deep roots. 

Where is the leading of God in all this?

Shouldn’t you get your messages from the Lord? Yes. That’s who the DiscipleMaker is!

This series will not get in the way of your getting messages from above—it will help the process. Your understanding will be unlocked to new and greater depths and you will find inspiration to share with your flock.

Here’s the thing you don’t see but you will soon enough: there is much more content than one lesson can hold. If you wanted to teach everything available in each lesson, you could make each lesson into two. You will no longer be trying to decide what to teach on—instead, you will choose what not to teach! In fact, it would be easy to turn each lesson into two lessons plus a sermon, if the Lord so leads.

DiscipleMaker could easily become everything you need for regularly scheduled teaching and preaching for a year. Of course, you will still need to bring in your guest preachers from time to time and have times of seasonal or other special emphasis. However, you will now be freed from the worry of what to preach so that you can spend more time on planning, leadership development, and home Bible studies!

Jesus had a method

Do you want to make disciples? You cannot do it just by throwing random thoughts at them week by week. Jesus had a systematic method to training His disciples.

Not only is Jesus the Truth and the Life, He is also the Way. Too many churches try to make disciples and grow the Kingdom their own way rather than through The Way.

Learn from the DiscipleMaker, Jesus Christ Himself. Our Lord made disciples in a very deliberate manner. Learn His way of making effective, productive disciples.

Soon, you will be a DiscipleMaker, too. Watch your new converts grow in faith and develop godly patterns of living. There is no greater joy.

Have you ever wondered...

  • How do you know if someone is a disciple or not?

  • How to take unbelievers and make disciples?

  • How to train new believers to make disciples?

  • What was the sequence of events in Jesus’ Ministry?

  • Why did He call people to serve Him the way He did?

  • How should we model after His ministry style today?

Find out in DiscipleMaker!

Do you have time to study?

No, really study?

Rather than just surface reading of a Bible verse, people want deep understanding. They need more than inspiration, more than entertainment.
  • Do you know the historical background behind the Bible passage you are teaching?
  • Are you sure you are applying the Bible passage the way God intended it?
  • Have you ever felt like your sermon could have done so much better if you had the right illustrations?
  • Have you ever wanted to do stuff out-of-the-box but couldn’t seem to find the lid of the box to get out?
Let us provide you with illustration suggestions for each lesson. Active learning, memorable content from props, stories, video clips, simple skits, and pictures that help others see the truth more clearly.

All this and more in DiscipleMaker!

Are you a pastor who...

  • has more demands than you can keep up with?

  • works a full-time job in addition to your calling?

  • has new ministers you want to be sure are teaching solid content?

  • is starting a daughter work and wants to establish solid content?

  • is looking to take new believers to the “next level” in their spiritual growth?

DiscipleMaker will help you stay focused!

You will love DiscipleMaker…

or your money back!

Seriously. You have to love it. If we cannot make this work for you, you get your money back. We are working with you to make you better at what the Lord has called you to do. If you get in here and try it and do not love it, we don’t want you to stay.

But we know you will.

In fact, we don’t want you to even stress about the money. With just $1 you can check it out. No risk. We will even give your dollar back if this is not for you.

In the business world, a series like this would easily bring $2,750. Here’s why:

  • You get a training video each week, valued at $20 for each one.

  • You get the digital graphics file for the onscreen presentation, $20.

  • You get the daily Bible study and journaling booklets, $5 each.

  • Plus the teaching outline and fill-in-the-blank handouts. $10 weekly.

That’s an easy $55 per week.

Just in the digital graphics for your sermon slides, this series would cost over $1,100!

This is not another curriculum. Many churches pay $200 and more per quarter (every 13 weeks) for teaching material. At that rate, DiscipleMaker would run $800!

We are making this available for much less than that!

This is about helping you. We have whittled the price down so this series will be most cost effective for you. What do you think about knocking the pricing down by 50%? Would that be a significant enough drop? But we wanted to do more than that!

How about $50 per month? We know most people could afford that much and would find the series worth so much more than that. In spite of our costs (it costs us money just for you to see this message), we wanted to shave it down some more.

The goal was to get the price of DiscipleMaker down to less than a $1 per day. This is an introductory offer as we launch this new series. We know you will love it (or get your dollar back!).

For less than a dollar, you will refresh yourself in the knowledge that your converts and established believers will be growing in God’s Word every day!


Limited-time, introductory offer!

How about less than $1 per day? Less than $30 per month? Right now, we are making the DiscipleMaker series available for $27 per month.

That is less than $1 a day in any month (even February)! Each of those days your people will be growing in the Word.

Plus, you can get started for only $1 for the first 30 days. That is like giving it away! We want you to test drive this and be sure for yourself.

Climb on board and check out drive the options. Download the files and look them over. Teach a couple of the lessons. See for yourself.

Slash the price even further!

If you know that this is what you want to do and you wish to jump in with both feet, then we will help you save some money. We know, we know—the gurus tell us this series should cost $100 per month. We are already offering this at a 70% discount from that on the monthly plan.

We can cut the monthly rate down even lower if you take the DiscipleMaker package all at once! Test drive it for 30 days. If you don’t like it, hand in the keys, and we will hand back your cash. No harm no foul. You have to love it. (Did we mention that we are sure you will?)

How would you like to save an additional 33% off the monthly subscription?

If you decide to take the whole DiscipleMaker membership today, you can jump in at $197. That’s our introductory offer. We know teaching curriculums often cost that much and more for just 3 months of material. That’s part of the fun of this. We are making available what we believe to be the best series for the best price anywhere. We are absolutely convinced you will feel the same way.

Bonus: home Bible study!

Are you busy working the fields, bringing in new souls? We can help you there, too. We will include a whole series of powerful lessons to bring someone from unbeliever to disciple. Teach them the basics of God’s Word, getting free from sin, entering the covenant of Jesus’s Name, and being filled with Spirit power!
This series called Life! Discovery has recently been overhauled to be more conversational and continue being a very effective multi-week series. This also includes PowerPoint files you can teach from your tablet, laptop, or on the students’ TV! Digital study guides to complement each lesson. 
Have some disciples who need to get involved in leading others to Jesus? This multi-week course will help your disciple learn how to reach people where they are. Yes, your new disciples can be making new disciples themselves quickly with these ready-to-go resources! At no extra charge, share Life! Discovery with your local team.

Save an additional $100!

Life! Discovery, a disciple-making Bible study, comes at no extra charge! Over ten hours of video training, oodles of graphics, hundreds of pages of teacher notes, and much more. This series will help you and your church members become efficient and effective at winning new believers into the Kingdom! PowerPoint slideshows replace old flip-charts with line drawings. Present powerful truths with modern technology!

Members have said:
"Thank you for this tool that God has eqipped me to use. They really like the power points along with the lessons. This is just what they need for where they are in God. "
“I and my students absolutely love it!!  We are on lesson 4 split in 2 weeks bcuz i want them to really get it! And they truly are Thank you so so much!!!” 
“First the notes are printable and ready to go. And then there is a video of each lesson being taught as an example of how you can teach it. Also included is a PowerPoint presentation. You don't have to go looking for photos or pictures everything is already set up for you. And brother Koren is a United Pentecostal minister of the gospel so I don't have to worry whether this study is teaching truth or not, I can already trust that it is.”

Love it or leave it!