Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have technical skills to do this?

If you made it this far on a computer, you will do fine accessing the content. The video content is easy to review. One simple download for each lesson gives you all the files you need to teach the lesson. You will need to know how to print out the handouts and such. The slideshow is simple enough to present with basic software we will show you how to download for free.

What am I paying for?

With DiscipleMaker, you get a very precision tool for presenting practical truths to God’s people (or those still trying to decide if they want to serve the Lord). This is not about a Bible study where people just learn more facts. This is about every listener walking away every time with a clear sense of direction and how to apply what he or she has heard. We know funds are limited and there are so many expenses in ministry. However, the pricing of this series is more reasonable than the others and provides so much more than just a fill-in-the-time-slot kind of teaching series.

Shouldn’t our messages come from the Lord?

Yes. That’s who the DiscipleMaker is! You will be teaching His Word; this series simply helps you do that.

We still want you to get your sermons from above. In fact, this will help you in that process, too. Your understanding will be unlocked to new and greater depths and you will find inspiration to share with your flock outside of these lessons.

Here’s the thing you don’t see but you will soon enough: there is much more content than one lesson can hold. If you wanted to teach everything available in each lesson, you could make each lesson into two. You will no longer be trying to decide what to teach on—instead, you will choose what not to teach! In fact, it would be easy to turn each lesson into two lessons plus a sermon, if the Lord so leads.

DiscipleMaker could easily become everything you need for regularly scheduled teaching and preaching for a year. Of course, you will still need to bring in your guest preachers from time to time and have times of seasonal or other special emphasis. However, you will now be freed from the worry of what to preach so that you can spend more time on planning, leadership development, and home Bible studies!

How is this different from other curriculum?

No other curriculum keeps your listeners learning every day. The other resources we have examined do not offer the depth of research and insight you can offer with DiscipleMaker. You get vivid imagery to engage both right and left brains along with a pile of illustration ideas to help your flock “get it” and not forget it.

What is included?

With each lesson you will get an extensive set of notes you may teach from. These include illustrations and out-of-the-box suggestions for helping the message “stick” in their minds. You will also have a graphic-rich slideshow you can present on the church video screen or on a laptop or tablet with a small group. With printable handouts, each listener will be able to write down notes from the teaching and have access to all the scriptures you might reference (and many more) during the teaching. Additionally, each lesson includes a study guide/daily journaling opportunity for the flock to search the scriptures and personally apply the lesson to their own lives from God’s Word. You will also be given access to the Life! Discovery series, a whole other teaching series for those who are not yet in the church (sorry, not enough space here to describe, but it is huge). What is not included in the membership but comes as a part of the package is the sense of continuity you will get while teaching chronologically through the life of Christ—you will also not be able to shake that wholesome feeling of seeing the flock grow deeper in their love for Jesus as they learn so much from Him.

What happens after I decide to jump in?

Immediately after you sign up, you will enter the members-only area of DiscipleMaker. There will be the first three lessons available for you to check out and begin teaching immediately. Then, the next lessons will open up one week at a time until all 52 of them are available for you to use. Enjoy the process as each weekly lesson builds on the principles and themes of God’s Word.

What if I decide it is not for me?

You get your money back. I want you to be happy with this more than you want to be. If you do not love it, get out. 🙂 Seriously though, we want you to take your time your first 30 days and really feel if these shoes fit. If not, you are home free, no questions asked. You are putting nothing at risk. Even if you try it a couple weeks and back out, you have lost nothing—in fact, you will have gained much just in that short time. Really, the only risk you are taking is if you do not try out DiscipleMaker and see the difference it makes for the people you serve.

You either love it or you get your money back.

The only risk is if you do not give DiscipleMaker a try.

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